We believe in another way

We all need to find another way to live, with cleaner air and clearer skies for everyone. The climate crisis demands that we all get creative and look for ways to live more sustainably and in harmony with the planet. We know it’s possible.


Sky Diamonds are made from ingredients from the sky, just like clouds
High level cirrus clouds – an afternoon delight
Dale Vince, founder of Skydiamond, with wind turbine in the background
Image of solar panels in the foreground and an onshore wind farm in the background demonstrating that Skydiamonds are made using renewable energy
Let’s find another way – Skydiamond and Ecotricity founder Dale Vince.

Skydiamond is the creation of entrepreneur and environmentalist Dale Vince. Dale’s work focusses on the three big areas of life that are driving the climate crisis – Energy, Transport and Food. He founded the Global Green Energy Movement in 1995 with the launch of Ecotricity. In 2011, he created the Electric Highway, the world’s first national charging network for electric cars, to kickstart the electrification of Transport. And on the Food front, he’s Chairman of Forest Green Rovers – the world’s first Vegan (and UN-certified carbon neutral) football club.

Living sustainably isn’t about giving up the good things

We don’t need to give up Energy, for example, we just need to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. We don’t need to stop travelling, we need to electrify Transport. And we don’t need to stop eating, we just need to eat plants not animals. It’s a different way to live – a better one.

A scattering of 12 beautiful, radiant Skydiamonds on a white background - pure, ethical diamonds

Dale came up with the idea for Skydiamond while thinking about how to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere on a planetary scale, and about how to store it in the most permanent way. A diamond is the ultimate form of carbon, which led to the simple idea to take carbon from the atmosphere and use it to make diamonds. It took five years of R&D to create and perfect the process to turn atmospheric carbon into actual diamonds. In creating this method we’ve set a new industrial standard fit for the 21st Century. The air we put back into the atmosphere is cleaner than the air we take out.

We’re using technology to make things that people want, using a process that respects the environment. We go beyond carbon neutral to carbon negative, but not through offsetting, through design. It’s another way to make things, fit for the times we live in – an evolution of industry.

Diamond mining today is inherently polluting. It can’t be improved; it needs to be replaced. Our high-quality Skydiamonds will do that.

Our sustainable diamonds go beyond carbon neutral to carbon negative – by design