Lily Cole X Skydiamond


Supermodel, actor and environmental activist co-designed a statement collection to create a moment of conversation and reflection.

"Gaia is the Greek deity, goddess Mother-Earth, and also, in the words of biologist Lynn Margulis, “Gaia is a tough bitch.” Lynn Margulis developed the Gaia theory proposing that Earth is a self regulating system, chiming with the ancient idea that everything is connected.

This Gaia collection speaks to that vision of interconnection"

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The World’s Most Sustainable Man-Made Diamond is Created Entirely from the Sky

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Powerful sculptural 18 carat recycled gold globes, split open to reveal a marquise cut Skydiamond suspended in a deep black rhodium plated space. These organic shapes might be imagined as the jewels of Mother Earth herself.

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Stephen Webster X Skydiamond

Breaking the rules of tradition; we introduce our collaborative collection with Stephen Webster, a maverick British design house. This dynamic Collision Collection uses bespoke Skydiamond cuts.

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We offer a demi-bespoke service that allows you to customise our existing styles. Whether you desire a different diamond size, a unique cut, or a specific metal type, we can create something exclusively for you.

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Curious minds are welcome to book a visit to our Diamond Works facility near Stroud. Here, our skilled engineers mine diamonds from the sky right on-site in a fusion of science, artistry, and environmental consciousness.

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