Skydiamond Cookies Policy

Introduction to the website cookie policy

In this policy, we explain how The Sky Mining company makes use of a variety of tracking technologies. The UK data protection legislation refers to these as cookies and similar technologies as well as on-line identifiers. 

Our use of cookies improves the way in which you can view our website, it enhances our understanding of how you use it and may assist us in our marketing activities.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files containing specific information relating to the way a user views our website. These are downloaded onto the device used for that purpose. 

Depending on the type of cookie, they can be read, updated, or deleted by the same servers. Some cookies are session specific and get deleted automatically when you leave the website. 

Others, such as those used for tracking or authentication, may be saved for longer. Some of these cookies are put in place by us whilst others are put in place by third parties.


What cookies do we use?

It is important to stress that The Sky Mining company makes no attempt to identify the individual that is associated with the device used to view our website.

Cookies fall into the following categories

·         Strictly necessary cookies i.e. for the correct operation of the website such as secure log-in functionality, for which consent is not needed.

·         Analytical/ performance cookies set up by our analytical providers are used to record pages visited and the frequency of any links used. In setting up such a cookie, the provider may collect other information about your device such its IP address, its type and even its geographical location. Using this information, a unique ‘fingerprint’ can be created to help identify you on other websites. This, in turn, can be used to create a profile of your activities and interests.

·         Marketing cookies are used to track your on-line activities with the aim of getting a better understanding of your interests.

·         Functionality cookies allow websites to remember the user’s site preferences and choices they make on the site including username, region, and language. This allows the website to provide personalized features like local news stories and weather if you share your location.


Disabling cookies

Guidance on how to tell your browser not to write cookies can be found at