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Onda Pear & Emerald Cut 2.16ct Toi & Moi Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold

Onda Pear & Emerald Cut 2.16ct Toi & Moi Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold


Skydiamond is the world's first carbon-negative certified diamond. We have created the ultimate alternative, by alchemising the air we breathe into light-splintering British-made diamonds.


The first measure of a diamond’s quality is its size, measured in carats. A carat weighs one fifth of a gram or 0.2g.

CUT: Fancy

It’s all about the sparkle. That’s why a diamond’s cut is so important. People often think this has to do with its shape – round, radiant, pear and so on – but cut is actually determined by how a diamond’s facets have been fashioned to interact with light. Every Skydiamond is crafted to deliver maximum brilliance.


Less is more when it comes to a diamond’s colour. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no colour at all. Skydiamonds are graded using AnchorCert’s scale going from D (colourless) to Z (light). Diamond colour is nearly impossible to discern with the naked eye and near colourless stones (G-J) offer superb value.


The purer the diamond, the higher its clarity rating. Clarity is determined by the nature, number, size and position of inclusions within a stone as well as any blemishes on its surface. Skydiamonds come in a wide selection of clarity ratings, which is reflected in the price.

CERTIFICATE: 20056650 & 20061471

This Skydiamond comes with its own birth certificate from the AnchorCert Gemology lab telling you its carat, cut, colour and clarity.

SIZE: Size M

Size M
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Our take on the classic love story of the two-stone toi et moi ring, made from recycled yellow gold. Traditionally representing the harmonious pairing of a couple, it can represent any unison, including you and your love for the planet.

As part of our Sky Rock Ring collection, we named this piece Onda, to represent a meeting of the wind with water, creating patterns of vibration, our Pear and Emerald-cut Skydiamonds tilt alongside each other with a delicate join to complete the floating talon claw set look totaling 2.16ct.

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