About Skydiamond

Skydiamonds are planet-positive, certified, and chemically identical to the timeless diamonds we all know and love; plus, more traceable and eco-friendlier than standard lab-grown diamonds.

It has taken five years of research and development, a band of pioneering engineers and relentless efforts, culminating in ground-breaking, scientifically proven carbon-negative diamonds.

  • Mined entirely from the sky

  • Made in the Cotswolds, England

  • World's only carbon negative diamond

Diamonds from the sky

Nature is our ally

We work in harmony with nature's own processes to create something beautiful and give people a choice; a creative solution to our environmental crisis rather than ceasing what you love to build a brighter tomorrow.

unrelenting effort and innovation

Our Patented Technology

We fuse carbon captured from the atmosphere with harvested rainwater, which is then heated and pressurised in a process powered by solar and wind power – fully measurable negative emissions achieved by design, instead of unreliable offsetting.

Working with Icons

Our Collaborative Endeavours

Skydiamond has already collaborated with iconic names such as Steven Webster and Gucci Vault, and adorned the neck of brand ambassador, green queen and supermodel, Lily Cole. This blue-sky thinking was the ingenuity of eco-entrepreneur and environmentalist Dale Vince OBE and sits within his growing portfolio of green innovations centred in the Cotswolds, Great Britain.

Our impact report

Impact Report Findings

Skydiamond was born to contribute to a planet positive future, creating ‘another way’ without compromise on quality or beauty.

  • The Real Thing

    The manufacturing of Skydiamond replicates the earth’s process for mined diamonds, making them structurally and chemically identical.

  • 99.79% Reduced Emissions

    For every carat of Skydiamond produced, greenhouse gas emissions reduce by 99.79% compared to mined diamonds. 

  • Negative Emissions

    Compared to both mined and lab-grown diamonds, the Skydiamond process is the only one with negative emissions. This is due to the use of 100% renewable electricity, direct air capture for CO2, and hydrogen production from the electrolysis of rainwater. 

  • Less Waste

    Compared to growing diamonds in a laboratory, mined diamonds produce 4,383 times more waste, use 2.14 times the energy and 6.8 times as much water. 

  • Significantly Reduced Emissions

    Lab-grown diamonds also avoid all the sulphur oxide, and more than half the nitrous oxide emissions associated with mined diamonds.

  • Decarbonised at Every Stage

    Skydiamond has a considerably larger avoided carbon footprint, in addition to avoiding pollution of the land and water too.

All without Offsetting

We're proud to achieve this through design, without offsetting, creating exceptional products for People and Planet.

Our Creation Process

Our British made diamonds are like no other. Everything we need to create our diamonds comes from the sky, including something the world has too much of - CO₂.

  • Step 1.

    We extract CO₂ from the atmosphere, which we liquify and purify – an important step in ensuring the quality of our diamonds. With the CO₂ removed, the air released back into the atmosphere is cleaner than we found it.

  • Step 2.

    We take rainwater collected from our factory roof and split it into oxygen and hydrogen using electrolysis.

  • Step 3.

    CO₂ from the air and hydrogen from the rain are combined with biological single-cell life forms (the equivalent of a diamond sourdough starter) in a completely patented and bespoke process to create methane, which we feed into our diamond mills with a dash of nitrogen.

  • Step 4.

    Inside our mills we grow our Skydiamonds on tiny diamond seeds (which we also make) in a ball of plasma running at about 1,000 degrees Celsius – roughly the temperature of the outer layer of the sun – using the renewable energy provided by the solar and wind power of our sister company, Ecotricity.

  • Step 5.

    Several weeks later, our diamonds have emerged. They are sent to some of the world’s best artisan diamond cutters, polished and then after certification, made up into our fine jewellery pieces by a father-son team in an artisan workshop also in the Cotswolds. All that remains is to brighten up the lives of our customers, who know they are wearing something beautiful from both inside and out.

Born from the sky to protect the Earth

Our planet-positive, certified, and chemically identical to the timeless diamonds we all know and love. Take a look through our collections to see how we've captured the sky.