About Us

Skydiamond is the world's first carbon-negative certified diamond, born from the sky to protect the Earth. Skydiamond has created the ultimate alternative to the destructive act of land mining, by going back to nature for the answers: alchemising the air we breathe into light-splintering diamonds.  They are planet-positive, certified, and chemically identical to the timeless diamonds we all know and love; plus, more traceable and eco-friendlier than standard lab-grown diamonds. 


Nature is our ally: we work in harmony with its own processes to create something beautiful and give people a choice; a creative solution to our environmental crisis rather than ceasing what you love for a brighter tomorrow. To do this takes unrelenting effort and innovation, so we built our own future-facing, patented technology. It fuses carbon captured from the atmosphere with harvested rainwater, which is then heated and pressurised in a process powered by solar and wind power – fully measurable negative emissions achieved by design, instead of unreliable offsetting. 


Skydiamond has already appeared in collaborations with iconic names such as Steven Webster and Gucci Vault, and adorned the neck of brand ambassador, green queen and supermodel, Lily Cole. This blue-sky thinking was the ingenuity of eco-entrepreneur and environmentalist Dale Vince OBE and sits within his growing portfolio of green innovations centred in the Cotswolds, Great Britain. 


This is a brilliant future we can all aspire to. We just need to set our imaginations free.