Our Impact: Impartially Reported by Leading Scientists.

Skydiamond was born to contribute to a planet positive future, creating ‘another way’ without compromise on quality or beauty. We have transformed an existing challenge - natural diamonds negative impact on people and planet - into an opportunity for measurable positive impact. Our innovation proves that diamonds can still be generated through nature, using rainwater and the air we breathe.  And made right here in Great Britain, in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire.


It has taken five years of research and development, a band of pioneering engineers and relentless efforts, culminating in ground-breaking, scientifically proven carbon-negative diamonds.


To be crystal clear on our claims, we sought expertise from Imperial College London. The brief: to do a rigorous and impartial life-cycle analysis based on pure science and evidence. It was assessed against the International Panel for Climate Change’s AR 6 framework, which has the most recent data on CO2. 


In simple terms this means a deep-dive study and benchmarking exercise to measure emissions and environmental impact against globally recognised indexes; getting to the bottom with pure, non-negotiable facts and truth. 


Some key findings are below, followed by a summary of key metrics, and the full report here


  • The manufacturing of Skydiamond replicates the earth’s process for mined diamonds, making them structurally and chemically identical.


  • For every carat of Skydiamond produced, greenhouse gas emissions reduce by 99.79% compared to mined diamonds.   


  • Skydiamond has a considerably larger avoided carbon footprint, in addition to avoiding pollution of the land and water too.


  • Compared to growing diamonds in a laboratory, mined diamonds produce 4,383 times more waste, use 2.14 times the energy and 6.8 times as much water. 


  • Lab-grown diamonds also avoid all the sulphur oxide, and more than half the nitrous oxide emissions associated with mined diamonds.  


  • Compared to both mined and lab-grown diamonds, the Skydiamond process is the only one with negative emissions. This is due to the use of 100% renewable electricity, direct air capture for CO2, and hydrogen production from the electrolysis of rainwater. 


  • This is all achieved without offsetting.


Please see below for a summary of Imperial College’s key metrics. 



Metric (per carat of diamond)

Mined Diamonds (upper range)


Energy Use (kilowatts)


80.607 (all from renewable sources)

Water consumption (cubic metres)



Land use (square feet)



Air quality (particulate matter, kilograms)




Going Forward

Our efforts don’t stop here. By 2025, when we intend to bring our cutting and polishing to Gloucestershire and social impact will come from onshoring and regenerating the slowly vanishing specialist expertise and skills in British stone craftsmanship for further positive impact for both people and planet.

To learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at hello@skydiamonds.com