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Lily Cole x Skydiamond

Gaia Cocktail Earrings ~ Lily Cole x Skydiamond

Gaia Cocktail Earrings ~ Lily Cole x Skydiamond


Skydiamond is the world's first carbon-negative certified diamond. We have created the ultimate alternative, by alchemising the air we breathe into light-splintering British-made diamonds.


The first measure of a diamond’s quality is its size, measured in carats. A carat weighs one fifth of a gram or 0.2g.


Less is more when it comes to a diamond’s colour. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no colour at all. Skydiamonds are graded using AnchorCert’s scale going from D (colourless) to Z (light). Diamond colour is nearly impossible to discern with the naked eye and near colourless stones (G-J) offer superb value.


The purer the diamond, the higher its clarity rating. Clarity is determined by the nature, number, size and position of inclusions within a stone as well as any blemishes on its surface. Skydiamonds come in a wide selection of clarity ratings, which is reflected in the price.


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The simple yet striking Gaia Cocktail Earring is a symbol of our connection with mother nature. Each earring features a sculptural 18ct recycled gold globe split open to reveal a marquise cut Skydiamond mounted upside down and suspended in a deep black rhodium plated space. This earring can be worn from day to night and as part of the wider Gaia collection. Designed in collaboration with Lily Cole, who took her inspiration from Gaia, the goddess Mother Earth, and our interconnectivity between all things seen in the geometric and sculptural works of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint.

Made to order in 6 weeks.

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