Skydiamond FAQs

We appreciate that you might have lots of questions to ask us about Skydiamond, our jewellery or even our packaging. So we have put together a number of frequently asked questions to assist you with any queries you might have. If you need further support, please email us at

About Us

How is Skydiamond different from other diamond retailers?

We make the world’s only diamonds made entirely from the sky. We do this by taking atmospheric carbon from the sky and turning it into a Skydiamond. We only use 100% renewable energy, captured rainwater and CO2 to grow our Skydiamonds. Our production process took several years to perfect and we are extremely proud to be the world’s only diamond producer that is carbon negative through design and not offsetting.

How is the Skydiamond process carbon negative?

We grow Skydiamonds using 100% renewable energy, recycled rainwater and by removing atmospheric carbon. Our unique process produces a carbon negative rough skydiamond based on a peer-reviewed Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) that we have had undertaken by an independent academic from Imperial College London Consultants. Please send us an email to for more information.

Do you have a store I can visit?

Sadly we don’t have a permanent store but we do have a team on hand via email to chat with you today. Alternatively sign up to our newsletter so that you can be the first to know when we are doing a pop-up Skydiamond shop or a showroom.

Where are Skydiamonds made? All Skydiamonds are made in the Cotswolds in Britain.

Where are Skydiamonds certified? All of our Skydiamonds are certified by AnchorCert, in Birmingham, UK.

For more information about Skydiamond, please go to ourabout us’ page or alternatively our our process’ page.

About our products

Are Skydiamonds real diamonds?

Each Skydiamond is a perfectly formed real diamond.

Can an expert tell the difference between an earth mined and a sky-mined diamond by sight?

To the naked eye, there are no differences between sky-mined diamonds and earth mined diamonds. They both sparkle exactly the same! This is because they are physically and chemically identical to Earth-mined diamonds.

However, nearly all diamonds have inclusions which makes them unique. By examining them under a microscope, a gemologist may be able to discern whether a diamond is ground mined or produced above ground in our sky mining facility.

How do you differ from natural diamonds?

There are two differences. Firstly, Skydiamonds don’t have any of the ethical or environmental downsides that come with ground mined diamonds.

And the other difference is that Skydiamonds have a negative carbon footprint whereas all ground minded diamonds come with hefty carbon emissions for each and every carat mined out of the ground.

Has my diamond been certified? All Skydiamonds over 0.5carats have been certified by world class gemologists from AnchorCert who are based in Britain.

Has my diamond been etched? Yes, every Skydiamond over 0.5carats, has been laser etched with its unique certification and all Skydiamonds over 0.3carats have the Skydiamond mark.

Can I buy a setting without buying a diamond? We only sell settings to be purchased for our Skydiamonds.

Can I put a diamond on hold? We make the rarest diamonds on the planet and unfortunately cannot keep stones on hold.

How do I find a diamond that is not in your inventory? Email our team at

What if I want a centre stone that is not offered for that setting? Email our team at

I like a piece of your jewellery, displayed on your site, but would you make a small change for me? Email our team at

Can you send me additional images of the rings? There is a video for each engagement ring on the site.

Can I see your jewellery in person? Sadly not yet.

Do you offer alternative metal options such as 14ct gold or silver? Email our team at

How do I care for my Skydiamond Jewellery?

To keep your Skydiamond jewellery full of sparkle make up a simple mixture of a few drops of mild washing-up detergent with warm water gently brushed on the piece using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse and air dry.

We recommend removing jewellery when showering, at the gym and for cleaning your home.

Does your gold wear off after showering?

Wearing Solid Gold Jewellery In the shower will not harm or damage the metal itself but it is still prudent to remove all jewellery before stepping into the shower or bath as the oils often found in shower gels, shampoos and bath products can adhere to your piece and cause it to lose its shine.

Why do you use 9ct and 18ct gold?

So that we have pieces of Skydiamond jewellery for all budgets.

Does your gold contain any nickel or zinc?

No, all our jewellery is tested and verified by Sheffield assay office. Only when your jewellery passes the relevant tests, can the official hallmark be applied.

What metals do you use? We only work with 100% recycled metals.

Is the gold you use sustainable?

Yes, the gold we use is recycled. Recycled gold is made from refined precious metals. Typically, they will come from consumer products, waste products, unused metal and other items that are made from gold. These are then sold to be melted down once they’re no longer in use. Recycled gold is seen as much more ethical and sustainable than regular gold. It can be recycled without losing its quality, so it can be reused multiple times which is a much more sustainable solution than mining for new alloys

What’s the length of your pendant chains?

Our trace pendant chains are 18 inches long with a secure and easy to use fitting. They can be adapted and made into a 16 inch chain.

Is my jewellery made for everyday wear? Can I wear it while showering or swimming? Absolutely you can wear your Skydiamond jewellery every day. We do not recommend that jewellery is worn for any sports.

Placing an order

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by credit card. This can be Visa, MasterCard or an American Express credit card.

Can I buy from you if I live outside the UK?

Yes, our diamonds are for everyone! It’s worth noting that for deliveries outside of the UK, the price you pay on will exclude all relevant import duties and sales taxes. In order to release your order from customs, you will need to pay these duties and taxes directly to our courier. We recommend contacting your local customs office or tax authority before placing a DAP (Delivery At Place) order.

Will I be charged tax?

VAT will be applied to all of our orders on our website, within the UK, where applicable. The VAT amount is calculated based on the shipping destination of your order. After you have entered your shipping destination, this charge will then appear in your shopping basket. Taxes are only charged for UK purchases. No taxes or import duties are applied to any purchases from outside the UK. In order to release your order from customs, you will need to pay these duties and taxes directly to our courier. We recommend contacting your local customs office or tax authority before placing a DAP (Delivery At Place) order.

Can I receive my order sooner than the date given? All loose diamonds, earrings and pendants are sent out within 5 working days dependant on what day of the week the order is processed. Engagement rings are hand made and will take up to 6 weeks to be dispatched. Please contact the team at if you have a more immediate requirement and we will do our best to accommodate special requests.

Do you offer insurance? All loose diamonds and Skydiamond jewellery are covered by our company shipping insurance.

Can you do gift wrapping? All purchases come in our Skydiamond sustainable packaging but not gift wrapped.

Can I shop without creating an account? All purchases are made without setting up an account with Skydiamond.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We will deliver your loose stone, earring or pendant order to you as soon as possible. All engagement rings are made bespoke and will take approximately 6 weeks to arrive with you. You will be kept updated throughout the process.

Can I pre-order an item? Please contact the team at

Do you ship to my country? Please email us at and we can let you know if we can ship to your country.

Can I track my parcel? Yes, once your order is placed, our secure courier company will send you a tracking number via email and text.

What do I do if my order hasn’t arrived? Contact us at

How will my jewellery be packed? All Skydiamond jewellery and loose stones come packed in our sustainable boxes which are then discreetly packaged into larger boxes and labelled discretely so that we don’t give away any secrets!

What should I do if I have problems placing my order? Please contact the team at

When would I be charged for my order? All orders are charged at the time of purchase via

Can I purchase multiple items to determine which I like best and return the others? To maintain the high quality of our pieces and keep our prices competitive, we do not allow multiple pieces to be purchased for comparison.

What if I change my mind about my order?

Don’t worry! We offer customers 30 days from the day your order is made to cancel or return your order. If you’ve decided you’d like something else from our site instead you can exchange your product, providing that the item has not been worn or set into a piece of jewellery, is in perfect condition and in the original packaging. If the value of the new item exceeds the original, you will be required to pay the difference. If the value of the new item is lower than the original piece, then the different will be credited to the credit or debit card originally used for the purchase or a credit note issued.

If you wish to cancel or return your purchase, simply download the returns form on our website and follow the instructions on our returns page. Note that once your item has shipped, your order cancelation will take effect after a) it is returned to us, and b) our quality assurance analyses your Skydiamond and verifies that it is in its original condition.

We will refund you for the price of the product as well as the delivery, by the method you used for payment.

Can I return earrings?

For hygiene reasons, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on earrings unless faulty.

Can I return an engagement ring? Each engagement ring is made to order and therefore we do not offer refunds or exchanges on engagement rings unless faulty.

What if I have received a wrong item or an item is missing? Please contact the team at