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Sky Rae Modern Cushion Ring

Modern Set Large Cushion Cut 4.19ct Diamond Ring in 18ct Recycled Yellow Gold

Modern Set Large Cushion Cut 4.19ct Diamond Ring in 18ct Recycled Yellow Gold


The first measure of a diamond’s quality is its size, measured in carats. A carat weighs one fifth of a gram or 0.2g.

CUT: Fancy

It’s all about the sparkle. That’s why a diamond’s cut is so important. People often think this has to do with its shape – round, radiant, pear and so on – but cut is actually determined by how a diamond’s facets have been fashioned to interact with light. Every Skydiamond is crafted to deliver maximum brilliance.


Less is more when it comes to a diamond’s colour. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no colour at all. Skydiamonds are graded using AnchorCert’s scale going from D (colourless) to Z (light). Diamond colour is nearly impossible to discern with the naked eye and near colourless stones (G-J) offer superb value.


The purer the diamond, the higher its clarity rating. Clarity is determined by the nature, number, size and position of inclusions within a stone as well as any blemishes on its surface. Skydiamonds come in a wide selection of clarity ratings, which is reflected in the price.


This Skydiamond comes with its own birth certificate from the AnchorCert Gemology lab telling you its carat, cut, colour and clarity.

SIZE: Size M (UK Average). C...

Size M (UK Average). Complementary ring re-sizing pre or post delivery to organise directly.
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The ultimate piece in the RAE series - the large RAE ring is inspired by the pared-back elegance of modern design; minimal yet striking, the bezel setting perfectly frames our ultra-sized Skydiamond with a band of gold and a mixed metal platinum bezel. This contemporary piece of jewellery is a showstopping, impactful and brilliant ring is an impressive total weight of 4.19 Carats.

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