How Skydiamonds are made

Diamonds are glamorous, luxurious and beautiful...but they are traditionally wrapped in conflict.

Ground mined diamonds are unethical for the planet and people that work in the supply chain. That’s why Skydiamond aspired to create another way. A more sustainable way.


Ethical creation

Our Skydiamonds are not dug from the ground, but mined from the sky and grown in a lab in England. This process creates stones that are chemically, physically, and structurally identical to earth-mined diamonds.


How we make Skydiamonds

Our Skydiamond process is unique.
Purifying CO2 from the sky

Excess carbon dioxide is extracted from the atmosphere then liquified and purified.
Electrolysis produces one of our gases: hydrogen

Water is split through electrolysis to make oxygen and hydrogen.
Our gases, made on site, enter the Diamond Mill

Our Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) reactor grows our diamonds from a hydrocarbon gas mixture. In this process, a thin slice of diamond seed is placed in a sealed chamber. This is filled with a carbon-rich gas.

The wind and sun power our process.

The gases are ionised into plasma using microwaves and heated to around 1,000 degrees Celsius. This is all enabled through 100% renewable energy from the wind and sun from our parent company Ecotricity. This breaks down the molecular bonds and pure carbon begins to adhere to the diamond seed. Slowly, this builds into a crystal, one layer at a time.

A diamond is born

After approximately 14 days, our Skydiamonds are formed. They are then sent to be cut and polished.


Natural materials

Traditional processes are unsustainable. They are energy intensive, produce CO2, and pollute surrounding water supplies, let alone the physical harm done by mining the land. Our processes are in stark contrast, powered by renewable energy and ethical materials, using less than half of the energy used to mine the average stone with fossil fuels.

Diamond seed
Coming in all different sizes, these seeds are slithers of diamond which will grow into a perfect diamond structure.

Recycled rainwater
We use a rainwater harvesting system to collect the water used in our processes.

Wind and solar energy
Ecotricity provides the clean energy that powers our Diamond Mills.

Carbon capture
Our carbon capture machine filters CO2 from the air until it’s completely saturated. It is stored and processed until it is food-grade quality.

Reusing CO2
Often, we have an excess of carbon dioxide. This is reused to powered beer pumps at Forest Green Rovers Football Club so there is no waste to be seen.


A quality jewel that lasts a lifetime

Our Skydiamonds truly are forever. We use only what we have too much of, none of the Earth’s valuable resources.

It produces high-quality skydiamonds that you can treasure for eternity.

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