The Gaia Collection: Where Nature Meets Innovation

The Gaia Collection: Where Nature Meets Innovation

We're thrilled to showcase the inspiration and fine details behind our newest Lily Cole Collection: Gaia.

Lily Cole, renowned supermodel, actor, and environmental activist, designed the Gaia Collection to spark conversations about our interconnectedness with the planet. Named after the Greek goddess of Earth, Gaia embodies the philosophy that everything in our world is interconnected, and it's our responsibility to maintain harmony between humanity and nature.

The Philosophy of Gaia

Drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Gaia, Lily Cole has crafted a collection that celebrates our bond with the planet. Each piece in the Gaia Collection reflects the intricate relationship between man and nature, showcasing a fusion of innovative craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

The Philosophy of Gaia comes to life through Lily Cole's thoughtful designs, each piece serving as a reminder of our interconnectedness with the Earth. The Gaia Collection is not just a showcase of beauty, but a testament to the importance of sustainability in fashion. By merging modern creativity with eco-friendly practices, Lily Cole has found a harmonious balance between style and environmental consciousness. As we adorn ourselves with these pieces, we carry a piece of Gaia's essence, honouring the planet that nurtures us all.

Inspiration Behind The Designs

Taking inspiration from the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint, known for her innovative and spiritually inspired abstract paintings, brings a unique perspective to the collection. Her work often delves into themes of mysticism, symbolism, and the intersection of art and spirituality.

Lily Cole infuses the Gaia Collection with geometric and sculptural elements. Each piece evokes a sense of organic beauty, reminiscent of the jewels of Mother Earth herself. The upside-down mounting of Skydiamonds pays homage to af Klint's work and the Hermetic concept of "as above, so below."

The collection showcases sculptural 18-carat recycled gold orbs, delicately split to display a mesmerising marquise-cut lab-grown Skydiamond embedded within a deep black rhodium-plated abyss. These naturally inspired forms evoke a sense of touch, their organic contours familiar and inviting. One might envision them as the precious gems of Mother Earth herself, or perhaps as her vigilant eye, observing our stewardship of the planet.

Environmental Innovation At The Core

This collection embodies the spirit of innovation in environmentalism. By utilising air and rain to create lab-grown Skydiamonds and incorporating recycled materials, the Gaia Collection represents a new paradigm in sustainable luxury. Highlighting the importance of reimagining traditional industries to align with eco-friendly principles.

The Entire Collection

Comprising of 9 beautifully crafted pieces, the Gaia Collection not only showcases Lily Cole's dedication to environmental activism but also exemplifies her ethos of ethical design. Each piece within this collection is a testament to the harmonious blend of sustainability and style, embodying the beauty of nature while advocating for its protection.

Lily Cole x Skydiamond Gaia Jacket Earrings

The Gaia Jacket Earrings make a real statement. The earrings can be worn multi-way, as a single piece, or as a double piece with a second orb that attaches from the back appearing suspended beneath the ear lobe.

Lily Cole x Skydiamond Gaia Cocktail Earrings

The simple yet striking Gaia Cocktail Earring is a symbol of our connection with Mother Nature. This earring can be worn from day to night and as part of the wider Gaia collection.

Lily Cole x Skydiamond Gaia Ring

The Gaia ring ascends with its sculptural gold globe, delicately parted to unveil a marquise cut lab-grown Skydiamond, suspended within a deep black rhodium space. These natural forms evoke a sense of familiarity and touch, reminiscent of the jewels nurtured by Mother Earth herself, or perhaps her watchful eye, observing our stewardship of her planet.

Lily Cole x Skydiamond Gaia Chain Ring

A sculptural globe hangs delicately on a belcher chain, The Gaia Chain Ring coordinates effortlessly with the necklace and body chain. 

Lily Cole x Skydiamond Gaia Pendant Necklace

The Gaia Pendant Necklace allows the sculptural globe to orbit gracefully along the chain in a bale setting. The chain length is 45cm chain with 2 adjusters.

Lily Cole x Skydiamond Gaia Cord Necklace

An alternative option presents itself with a black satin cord choker, cradling the sculptural globe, offering versatility as a single or double-length necklace, elegantly wrapped and tied.

Lily Cole x Skydiamond Gaia Pendant Necklace Large

Gaia Pendant Necklace Large, a sizable sculptural 18ct recycled gold globe gracefully divides to unveil a marquise cut Skydiamond, elegantly positioned upside down and suspended within a deep black rhodium-plated space. Adorning the longer of the two pendant necklaces, it hangs from an extended 18ct recycled gold chain, cascading to the waist in a striking deep V shape.

Lily Cole x Skydiamond Gaia Bracelet

The Gaia Bracelet. A sculptural globe dangles from a belcher chain, complementing the necklace, ring, and body chain.

Lily Cole x Skydiamond Gaia Body chain

The Gaia Body Chain is an of-the-moment statement piece to be worn over clothes or revealed underneath. The body chain features two globes appearing at the decolletage and just above the navel.

Together, we can celebrate the beauty of our planet and inspire positive change for future generations. Shop our full product range here.

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