All the bling, none of the sting

Although they’re physically and chemically identical to Earth-mined diamonds, Skydiamonds don’t have any downsides…

Whispy clouds above water and islands – Skydiamond's inspiration comes from the sky
The cooling beauty of altostratus radiates – one of our favourites
Close-up shot of brilliant, sparkling, high-quality Skydiamonds on a white background
Close-up photo of seven clear and radiant Skydiamonds on a white background

All the bling…

Because of the purity of our ingredients and our unique approach, Skydiamond creates ethical stones of the highest quality. If it’s not from the sky, then it’s a substandard diamond.

We work with some of the world’s best artisan diamond cutters to create all the most popular diamond shapes, as well as our own exclusive Skydiamond cuts. Skydiamonds are made in a range of sizes, and stones one carat or larger come complete with an internationally accredited diamond certification.

Our ethical diamonds are graded for quality in the same way as mined diamonds

A huge hole in the ground at the Mirny Mine in Siberia, which is big enough to be seen from space
The Mirny diamond mine in Siberia is over 1.2km wide – large enough to be seen from space.

…none of the sting

The diamond industry spends millions on marketing, trying to convince you that a gem torn from the Earth is somehow better. But the fact is that the way we make Skydiamonds actually benefits the planet while their operations are doing irreparable damage to it.

The Kimberley Process was set up by the industry to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the market but the very fact that they need such a scheme tells you something’s wrong. Skydiamond makes the Kimberley Process irrelevant. No harm is done in the creation of our stones.

So, when it comes to disclosure, differentiation, detection and documentation we agree with the industry. The full supply chain, environmental and social impact of every diamond must be made transparent to consumers.

For more information, download the Environmental Impacts of Diamond Mining report by Imperial College London Consultants.


‘Diamonds are forever,’ says the mining industry. What they don’t tell you is that the impact of diamond mining is also forever.

How diamond mining is taking its toll

There’s more to the quality of a diamond than just it’s physical characteristics. Where it comes from is equally important. Here’s what diamond mining is doing to the world…

The steep terraced sides of a massive diamond mine hole dwarfing a digger, whereas Skydiamonds cause no environmental damage
A giant hole created by a diamond mine dwarfs a yellow dump truck. Skydiamond's eco-friendly diamonds don't lead to environmental damage
A huge hole in the ground at the Mirny Mine in Siberia, which is big enough to be seen from space

Environmental impact

Diamond mining displaces around 142 billion tonnes of earth every year, burning fossil fuels, pumping CO2 into the atmosphere and polluting water sources in the process
A miner looks up from a muddy hole where he's looking for diamonds. Skydiamonds are zero-exploitation products
Three men panning for alluvial diamonds – Skydiamonds involve no worker exploitation
Soldiers with guns at a diamond mine in Africa, but Skydiamonds are created conflict-free

Human impact

Conflict diamonds, child labour, exploitation of workers, corruption, dangerous conditions, displacement of indigenous people – diamond mining is notorious for all this and more.