Meet Tim

Name and job title
Tim Meek, Plant Operations Maintenance Technician
What is your role at Skydiamond, and what does a typical day look like for you?
I’m responsible for running and maintaining the various plant, that produce the gas needed in our process, in the most environmentally friendly way we know of. Typically, you will find me researching parts needed to fix / improve the process, or in the gas yard checking / tinkering with or fixing the plant.

What do you love about working at Skydiamond?
For me it’s about being part of a business that helps the climate catastrophe we are in, and strives to always put the environment first. Using my technical skills to help create diamonds from the sky is pretty cool too.

Where do you see the future of lab-grown diamonds heading, and how is
Skydiamond positioned to lead the way?
I can see lab-grown diamonds becoming the norm. and land mined diamonds becoming more of a morally wrong option, in the eyes of the public, in the same way that many luxury items have gone, ivory, fur, etc.

What has been your most significant project or accomplishment at Skydiamond so far?
Learning the quirks and nuances of operating and maintaining our methanogenesis plant, to achieve such a high-quality gas, although there is always more to learn and understand with such a complex machine.

Where did you grow up?
How do you explain what you do to your kids / grandchildren / parents (how many do you have if of note)? 
2 young children, oldest one is 7 and has had the tour, also gave a small talk in his school about our workplace, parents are old hippies and proud of the environmental aspect of the job.
What’s the furthest / most exciting place you have travelled to?
Ascension Island in the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean, amazing and strange little place!
What does a diamond signify to you?
Something expensive and luxurious.
What do you think is the biggest scientific breakthrough in recent years and why?
The advancement in Stem Cell research - Being able to grow human organs on demand will change the way we live forever!
What makes you get up in the morning with a spring in your step?
A full nights sleep!
How do you spend your free time?
Looking after the kids - DIY - Motorbikes - Running - Squash