Which Engagement Ring Setting Should I Choose?

Which Engagement Ring Setting Should I Choose?


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It’s not until you start engagement ring shopping that you realise how much more there is to this significant jewellery piece than you once thought. From familiarising yourself with the 4Cs, to choosing the perfect metal to getting the right ring size, preparing a wedding proposal requires a lot of research.

Ring setting is another item you can add to your list of ‘things to learn about engagement rings’...

What is an engagement ring setting?

The focal point of most every engagement ring is the diamond. However, it’s all down to the setting to display the stone in its best light – quite literally.

Ring setting refers to how the diamond, or other jewel of choice, is set to the metal band of the ring. So, alongside providing aesthetic value, the engagement ring setting does also provide a functional purpose, keeping your diamond in place.

The different kinds of engagement ring settings

As Skydiamond we have tried to make the choices easier for you by curating a range of the best sellers and more classic settings (which are a winner every time and the place to go if you are unsure), and a more contemporary style for your more style conscious finger owner.

Have a review of the below and for more views and detail do delve into the full product description. And all of our precious metal is recycled white gold, yellow gold and platinum. 


A cathedral ring setting is an elegant and favourable choice for engagement rings – perfect for anyone wanting their diamond to stand out. From the ring band, the metal curves upwards, resembling the tall structure of a cathedral – hence the name. Our cathedral setting has six prongs, but it can have four, depending on different styles.


Our Classic style, the solitaire ring setting is perhaps the most popular, or at least the most common. This classic style holds the diamond with a number of prongs (usually somewhere between four and six) allowing the jewel to gleam from all sides. This setting is often accompanied by a round brilliant diamond because, together, they work well to enhance the brilliance of the diamond.


Our Modern bezel-set ring setting is quite unique to other ring settings. With the bezel, the main stone of an engagement ring is outlined by metal casing. Not only does this metal rim give ultimate protection to the ring’s diamond, but it can also help to make the stone appear larger. It’s an ideal setting for those wanting something extra to highlight their jewel or a more modern style.


Is there such a thing as too many diamonds? This Classic Solitaire with pavé band proves it’s not possible.

From the French word for paved, a pavé ring setting consists of a metal shank that is paved with tiny stones. These stones are fit into the band so that they’re at the surface, and they rise in the middle to secure the main jewel of the ring. It’s a sparkly setting for the showier wearer.


This ring setting creates a halo effect around the diamond of your engagement ring. Outlined with tiny gemstones, the diamond of a halo ring setting will appear much bigger than its actual carat weight. While typically halo stones are pavé or micro pavé, you can be creative with the kind of jewels you use; square, oval or marquise, it’s up to you – how extravagant do you want to go?

Fancy Cuts


A Round Brilliant Cut is internationally the most popular stone shape, but we love getting a little fancy at Skydiamond... We offer a mix of settings form the above in Emeralds, Ovals and Pears. And most excitingly, offering the new Aria suspended pear three prong setting for a ring that can be used for a statement engagement ring or a cocktail number.  



A cluster of Skydiamonds is a striking and impactful way to demonstrate your cosmic commitment, and usually seen as very traditional they are having a resurgence. A trilogy ring is a type of engagement ring that features three stones, typically diamonds, set in a row. The three stones are meant to symbolize the past, present, and future of a couple’s relationship.

Does ring setting affect price?

While not the most impactful price factor, the setting of your ring can affect its value. The ring settings that have more stones, and therefore a potentially higher carat weight, will be more expensive than the simpler, less stone-heavy designs.

Ring settings that are more sought after can also have a higher value, especially on the second-hand market.

All skydiamond's jewellery is hand crafted by artisans here in the UK, in the Cotswolds just down the road (and over the hills) from our diamond making plant.

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