Sky Born Voices with Victoria Azubuike

Sky Born Voices with Victoria Azubuike


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Introducing Victoria Azubuike
Victoria is the founder of She Who Builds and CEO of The Us Group, cultivating communities for gender equality and diversity bring women of colour together across the UK & USA to build businesses and brands. She has recently worked with the likes of Google and the Mayor of London and has a list of awards and accolades for her successes in building support networks for female entrepreneurs.


What was the moment you knew you had to dedicate your time to your cause?
I’ve always been passionate about helping women be the best version of themselves. The oldest daughter of a family of five from a working-class background, I’ve very aware of barriers to women getting on in the world, I especially found it hard as I suffer with dyslexia. So, I’ve needed to be resilient and work hard as I didn’t have the resources available to develop my entrepreneurial endeavours - my mission is to change this for others and help women build their dream brands and businesses.

What does a diamond represent to you?
I think the extreme process of a diamond creation is a great metaphor for life - nothing comes easily unless it’s been refined under pressure; the hard moments are what make you who you are. It’s those moments that you remember you are so much stronger than you think. In those moments you get a new sense of drive and they serve to remind me that the refining process is necessary and where personal growth happens.

What would you say to Mother Nature if you could shout it up to the Sky?
I’m just very grateful for life and everything I am doing and the fact that I’m living my dream even though it’s hard.


Who or What are you currently most encouraged by that will help us deliver a more brilliant tomorrow for people or the planet?
I’m always so inspired by women changing their communities and lives for themselves. When they make things happen for themselves there’s a ripple effect in their own life and then the community of the woman around them.


Instagram:  @victoriazubuike
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