Sky Born Voices with Stephen Webster

Sky Born Voices with Stephen Webster


"Raising voices of planet-positive changemakers who are working towards a more brilliant tomorrow."


 Introducing Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster, the London-based contemporary fine jewellery and homeware brand established in 1989, is known for its powerful aesthetic and instantly recognisable collections. At the heart of Stephen Webster is a respect for traditional British craftsmanship and goldsmithing, but also, fearless dedication to cutting-edge processes and the creation of daring, intricate designs.

Rebellious yet ethical, the brand genuinely stands for something, using materials that are always thoughtfully and responsibly sourced. An approved partner of Positive Luxury since 2016, Stephen Webster embeds sustainability at the heart of every step. 


What was the moment you knew you had to dedicate your time to your cause?

There were two moments when I knew I had to dedicate time to finding out more about my business supply chain. 
The first was about 18 years ago when the term ‘conflict or blood diamonds’ entered our vocabulary. Immediately I joined Amnesty International. This felt like a move toward finding out more. However, as positive as the movement was at the time, the deep dive only established that the diamond industry was in some capacity funding wars, conflict, and child soldiers in countries where diamonds were mined.  There was no way to find out if such diamonds had entered the mainstream supply chains. 
The second and probably more poignant moment was in 2010. I was approached by Solidaridad an NGO who wanted me to join them on a trip to the artisanal and deadly gold mining areas in remote areas of Peru. Almost exclusively driven by absolute poverty, the things I saw on that trip cemented my mission to pursue more transparency and where necessary, more positive alternatives to my overall supply chains and industry norms. 


How do you keep motivated when it feels one step forward and two steps back?

At the beginning of our journey toward a more sustainable business model, it felt as though we had a mountain to climb. This was also a distraction to the business of making and selling jewellery. To be honest we wondered if it was all worth it. However, a chance meeting with Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder of Positive Luxury, came at exactly the right time. Diana appreciated that we were at the forefront of taking our business to a more positive place. She had the knowledge we needed and helped us to change every step, to a forward one. 
Then in 2020, we created an internal ‘Green Team’ within the company led by Samantha Chapman, our Head of Marketing.  This has led to a cultural change amongst the entire team and turned chores into an enthusiasm for change. This includes being part of external activations such as Bergdorf Goodman’s ‘Conscious Curation Edit’, now showcasing our Stephen Webster x Skydiamond collaborative collection in their iconic department store in NYC.


What does a diamond represent to you?

A diamond is amazing. The hardest material on earth, it represents the ultimate natural symbol of aspiration, a light that can illuminate an otherwise more subdued piece of jewellery or indeed a life. 


What would you say to Mother Nature if you could shout it up to the Sky?

Hello. Is there anybody out there? 


Who or What are you currently most encouraged by that will help us deliver a more brilliant tomorrow for people or planet?

A generation who has never been more aware and concerned about the damage caused by the industrial progression of the last 200 years. A mere blip in the scheme of things and therefore within our limitless capacity to reverse within an even shorter period. It would be hard to imagine a new company being founded who would not consider sustainability as a key pillar in their foundation.  

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