Sky Born Voices with Natalie Fée

Sky Born Voices with Natalie Fée


"Raising voices of planet-positive changemakers who are working towards a more brilliant tomorrow."


Introducing Natalie Fée

Natalie Fée is an award-winning environmentalist, author of How to Save the World for Free and Do Good, Get Paid, keynote speaker and founder of City to Sea, a UK-based organisation running global campaigns to stop plastic pollution at source.


What was the moment you knew you had to dedicate your time to your cause?

I used to be terrified of the sea. I literally hated going in it, on it or over it. But around 10 years ago, I came across the trailer for the film ‘Midway’, by an artist called Chris Jordan. I witnessed the most beautiful, fluffiest Albatross chicks, dying of starvation in their nests with their bellies full of plastic. Like so many of us who watched those scenes, I was totally devastated. I felt a grief unlike anything I’d ever experienced when seeing human-caused environmental issues. I think it was something about seeing everyday items that I used - my brand of toothbrush, ink cartridges, bottle caps - literally causing the death of something so magnificent - that really shook me. And I knew in that moment I couldn't just sit back and allow this to happen. Then I discovered it was happening here in my home City too ... so I got cracking, and City to Sea was born. Over the next year or so after starting campaigning for the oceans, my phobia was healed.


How do you keep motivated when it feels one step forward and two steps back?

I remind myself it took us 250 years to get into this mess, so it might take a few decades to get out of it! I also have a deep connection with nature - nature's my teacher, my source of inspiration and my CEO-coach! I'm currently doing a daily practice of sitting under a local oak tree, every morning, for a year. So no holidays for me this year! I come home and write a poem a day - if people want to follow that journey I share the daily poems on my Instagram.

What does a diamond represent to you?

That when something is a clear channel, it can take light from the sun and turn it into a rainbow. I like to strive towards that, being a prism through which light can shine and light up the world!

What would you say to Mother Nature if you could shout it up to the Sky?

What do you mean 'if'?! Giving thanks to the earth and sky is one of my daily practices. :) 


Who or What are you currently most encouraged by that will help us deliver a more brilliant tomorrow for people or planet?

My team at City to Sea, and all the volunteers across communities in the UK doing things like putting up swift boxes, planting pollinators and generally spreading the love for all things local. We're currently running a petition calling on our government to ban single-use packaging in cafés and restaurants... give it a sign here!

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