Choosing Recycled Metal for your Engagement Ring

Choosing Recycled Metal for your Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can be an extremely exciting but daunting experience; will the ring be the right size? Is the diamond cut to perfection? Will you both love it forever? There are many things to consider before you choose an engagement ring. For some, it might not just be about the aesthetic of the ring, but what lies behind it.

If you’re striving to make more environmentally and socially conscious buying choices, then this brings a whole new level to your engagement ring buying choices.

To ensure that your engagement ring is responsible, there are some core things to keep in mind. ‘Responsible jewellery’ refers to a piece of jewellery that has been created in an ethical or ‘responsible’ way. That responsibility lies with the retailer, making sure that their jewellery has been sourced and manufactured using processes and resources that are minimally harmful.

When making sure that your perfect engagement ring is ethical, there are some core things to keep in mind,


Where has your diamond, or another choice of gem, been sourced from? Is it ground-mined or lab-grown or even better, sky mined? Ground-mined diamonds are rarely ethical. This is because of the negative impact they have on the environment and the harmful social concerns around the diamond mining industry.

Lab-grown diamonds or cultured diamonds are a more modern way of giving people the jewel they love. Created in a facility, these diamonds are no less ‘real’ than ground-mined diamonds but don’t come at the price of the planet of a land-mined stone. They do however still use fossil fuels to provide the gas for creation and usually non-renewable energy.

Skydiamond takes sustainability in diamond making to a new level - a negative emission diamond. Sky mined diamonds are created entirely from the sky; removing atmospheric CO2 and capturing it in the form of a diamond forever by fusing it with rain water and powered by wind and solar power into the cleanest and therefore the most beautiful diamonds in the world.


Once you have selected the provenance of your stone, you can complete the conscious decision-making process by choosing a setting made of recycled metals. They may have been originally dug from the ground, but now they are here, lets re-use it. At Skydiamond we offer recycled white gold, yellow gold and platinum settings for your engagement ring. Recycled metals are a great choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact and all strive towards a more brilliant tomorrow. 

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