Lily Cole, our Skydiamond Brand Ambassador on How it all Started

Lily Cole, our Skydiamond Brand Ambassador on How it all Started

What was it about Skydiamond that made you want to collaborate?

I wanted to work with Dale Vince and Skydiamond as their work is an incredible example of the “wizard” approach to environmentalism — focusing on innovation rather than abstention or behaviour change. People like buying and wearing jewellery; they have done so for thousands of years. So how do we make jewellery without it costing us the world? Is there a way to design products so they give back in the process? Can businesses contribute solutions, rather than perpetuate problems? These are the questions Dale sought to ask and answer in founding Skydiamond, and it’s beautiful to see them realised.

What role do you think fashion and jewellery should play in the sustainable conversation today?

I think every industry has a role to play in shifting towards responsible and sustainable business practices. Jewellery is interesting to consider because it carries other values: coveted and worn as an expression of individuality and creativity, and often bought and given as gestures of love. This calls us to ask questions regarding how we want to express ourselves and demonstrate our love for others, in ways that nourish and support - rather than damage - the ecosystems on which life depends.

Skydiamond are pioneers in their approach of lab-grown diamonds, is this one of the reasons you wanted to work with them?

Diamonds are synonymous with beauty, but for many years the mining of jewels has been a very ugly business. Skydiamond represent the perfect metaphor of how we ought to be evolving every industry in the face of the climate crisis: carbon negative by design; a solution rather than a problem.

How did you come to be the Brand Ambassador for Skydiamond?

I first met Dale Vince, the founder of Skydiamond, through Vivienne Westwood. Vivienne introduced us at an event, telling me she respected his work. I later interviewed Dale when researching my book, Who Cares Wins, because of his work in the renewable energy space through his company Ecotricity, and in conducting that interview I learned about Skydiamond. My mind was blown by the possibility of making diamonds from captured carbon dioxide, turning an existential problem into a thing of beauty. I was delighted when Dale got in touch years later, to ask me to work with the brand, as it is a story I feel very proud to share and celebrate.


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