Lily Cole X Skydiamond

Lily Cole X Skydiamond

It’s time to kiss goodbye to mining the earth for diamonds and say hello to mining the sky instead

I am delighted to be supporting Sky diamond’s mission. Now that we can mine the Sky, we no longer need to mine the earth. ’ Lily Cole.

As a recognised and passionate advocate for environmentalism within the fashion industry, supermodel icon Lily Cole and legendary photographer Rankin have come together to celebrate this incredible technological and environmental achievement with a series of images that spotlight the stone, kissing goodbye to stones from the past; this is the future.   

Model, author and sustainability activist Lily Cole says:  

“Diamonds are synonymous with beauty. But for many years the mining of jewels has been a very ugly business. Skydiamond blew my mind when I first learned about them: we can mine the sky, turning an existential problem into this coveted thing of beauty. They represent the perfect metaphor of how we ought to be evolving every industry in the face of the climate crisis: carbon negative by design; a solution rather than a problem.”  


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