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September 29, 2022

How to design your own engagement ring

Becky Waldron

The desire for custom-made engagement rings is coming back, and it’s no surprise – a jewellery piece for life, you want it to be perfect and completely yours.

While this traditionally was how grooms would propose, using unique rings that were crafted with love, throughout the mid to late 21st century, manufactured rings became the more favoured choice.

If you’re on a journey to design and build your own engagement ring, then we have some useful tips to help you. This way you can make a more informed decision, the one that is just right for you and your loved one.


Find your inspiration

It’s best to get an idea of the kind of engagement ring you want before getting in touch with a designer. Doing so, you can save each other’s time by having at least a rough idea of what you want – reducing the back and forth between you both. It also, of course, helps you to understand what you want, too.

Look online and see what inspires you. If you’re shopping for your own engagement ring, go to jewellery stores and diamond retailers and try rings on, get accustomed with how certain stones look on your hand – this is crucial! Retailers are usually happy to help you explore what it is you want – there’s no need to rush your decision.

Research designers

AdobeStock 234686151

Next, you’ll want to begin exploring the people and businesses that design diamond engagement rings. If they have some sort of portfolio of work, even better.

Finding a designer who is going to deliver the style you want, and do it well, is important. It’s not just about the designer that’s going to match your style best but choosing one that accommodates how much you have to spend on an engagement ring. It’s a less than ideal situation to invest your time in a designer only to find out that their prices are way above what you can afford.

You may not be too caught up in the idea of having a designer, instead preferring an online build-your-own tool. Whatever works for you is fine, just begin to get an idea of what that is!

Get an estimate of timings

Before you get completely stuck into designing your engagement ring, make sure you know how long it’s going to take. Especially if you want to pop the question on a specific date.

Designing a wedding ring can take any between 2 weeks at best, to a couple of months at its slowest. But, generally takes between 6 to 8 weeks. This doesn’t necessarily include any consultation time or back and forth with your designer.

Custom making an engagement ring often involves several phases, from manufacturing to diamond cutting and polishing, it can take some time to perfect your jewellery piece. Each retailer and designer will have slightly different processes which will affect the production time.

Explore budgets

Alongside production time, different designers and retailers will also have different pricing. Factors that typically influence price are:

  • The materials you choose

  • Diamond cut

  • Diamond carat

  • Ring style

  • The designer’s experience and portfolio

Planning an engagement, let alone a wedding, will make you an expert researcher. Put these skills to use to find out the kind of budgets that are out there for custom-made engagement rings. When buying an engagement ring, it’s important to be entirely clear of your own finances, too. This will better inform your research and decision-making.

Choose your diamond

Do you know what diamond you want for your engagement ring? Are you opting for a mined diamond, lab-grown, recycled or even sky mined?

Alongside the consideration of responsible sourcing, there’s diamond cut to think about too. The bride might love a classic round brilliant cut, a powerful princess cut, or an art deco emerald cut…there’s plenty to choose from.

No two couple’s engagement stories are the same. If you're choosing the ring together, you can collaboratively decide on a jewel. If you’re buying one solo as a surprise, you definitely want to get a feel (if not know for sure) of the kind of cut the wearer will love.

Want to know more about diamond cut? Read our guide here.

Decide on your style

AdobeStock 231470235

This isn’t just about the style of the ring itself but whether the engagement ring will complement your individual style.

Ring style differs to ring setting and is a more general categorisation of the look and feel of a ring. You may be looking for more classic or understated engagement ring styles, or you might want something a bit more extravagant.

Perhaps you prefer vintage style engagement rings, which often have sapphires, rubies or emerald-cut diamonds.

Most will be wearing their ring daily, so keep this in mind when choosing your style.

Custom-made engagement ring vs ready-to-wear engagement rings

Designing your own engagement ring and buying a ready-to-wear engagement ring both have their own pros and cons.

Some of the main advantages of a custom-made engagement ring are:

  • It’s completely unique – no one else will have it

  • You can be a part of the entire design process

  • These rings can be more carefully crafted

  • It will be exactly how you want it!

Alternatively, some of the benefits of a ready-to-wear engagement ring are:

  • You’ll save a lot of time buying a ring that has already been made

  • The process is simpler and can save you some stress

  • Just because it’s not custom-made and designed, it doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of options and choices for you to choose from

  • It can be less expensive than custom designed engagement rings

Custom-made engagement rings do take a significant amount of time from start to finish. It’ll likely take you some time to choose an engagement ring, custom-made or not, to be sure that it’s one you love.

While a long process, it’ll by no means feel like a chore! This is a process for you to enjoy. After all, an engagement ring is much more than a ring, it’s symbolic and significant of a moment that you’ll remember forever.

The perfect engagement ring for your perfect partner

If you’re choosing to design your engagement ring, the jewel and the metal used are the two big components to consider. Do you want a ring made of recycled metal? Or maybe you’re deciding between white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Maybe your priorities lie in getting a dazzling jewel.

We have a variety of beautiful diamonds for you to choose from as part of your engagement ring. Our ethical diamonds are mined from the sky, free from social and environmental harm. What more could you want for your symbol of love?

Take a look at our collection.

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