Meet Andrew

Name and job title

Andy Smart, Technician

Where did you grow up?

Balfour Road, then Tuffley, Gloucester. Gloucester boy all my life!

How do you explain what you do to your kids / grandchildren / parents (how many do you have if of note)?

The wife and kids / grandkids have visited the company. They are amazed at how a diamond will grow in 14 days in the reactors – so much easier to explain and show what they can be turned into, when the wife is wearing jewellery with diamonds that we have made.

What is your role at Skydiamond, and what does a typical day look like for you?

I am responsible for the upcoming project of polishing the diamonds but meanwhile I run the lasers in the laser room. A typical day currently is gluing parts onto pins and then programming and cutting parts on the laser. I also help out in the process hall when needed.  

What do you love about working at Skydiamond?

Working with guys that I have previously worked with in a previous job, makes coming to work so enjoyable in a relaxed but hard working environment.

Where do you see the future of lab-grown diamonds heading, and how is Skydiamond positioned to lead the way?

Seeing how the mined diamond has diminished in price due to the increase in lab grown diamonds quality, I can see the more environmentally younger generation leaning more towards Lab grown diamonds. In the future I can see Skydiamond are perfectly placed because of our process, to being a world leader in Lab Grown Diamonds..

What has been your most significant project or accomplishment at Skydiamond so far?

Learning to produce a Lab grown diamond is amazing, and even more trying to explain to people you can produce a diamond that is exactly the same structure to a mined diamond, blows their minds!!

What’s the furthest / most exciting place you have travelled to?

Boston / Houston Texas USA. I have also managed to travel to Italy in less than 24 hrs on a company visit!! Had great holidays in Portugal, Spain and Tennerife!!!

What does a diamond signify to you?

Luxury, Quality.

What do you think is the biggest scientific breakthrough in recent years and why?

Hydrogen capture – I really think this could be the fuel of the future.

What makes you get up in the morning with a spring in your step?

Seeing my children and grandchildren - seeing them grow and things they achieve and do makes me smile most days!!

How do you spend your free time?

Played a lot of sport in my younger years (played at county level at cricket and Gloucester colts at Rugby). Nowadays its watching Gloucester play rugby and playing Golf. I also like watching Formula 1, Football and various other sports. I have always liked to tinker with cars and doing DIY around the house.

Myself and my wife Jenny spend a lot of time with my three grandchildren, This gives me the best satisfaction, seeing them growing up.