From Alchemy To Accessory

From Alchemy To Accessory

How Skydiamonds Become Fine Jewellery

Revered for their celestial allure as well as best-in-class sustainability: once they’re born, Skydiamonds’ positive impact continues end-to-end in the whole production process to final jewellery creation. Unusually, every part of the stone creation process in done onsite at our SkyLab in the English countryside. Our precious, rough man-made diamond blocks (which we affectionately call ‘chocolate blocks’ for their grid like shape) start their adventure from Gloucestershire to Surrat, India the world centre for stone cutting and polishing. In a state-of-the-art facility, our Sky Stones are refined by expert cutters and polishers from a female artisan collective. We ship in batches to minimise transport and are working on reliable off-setting for carbon incurred.

We carefully audit any third-party supplier and have chosen this organisation not just for their superior quality of work but because social impact is synonymous with, and as important as environmental impact. Our partners in India share our value system of fair and equal pay for female workers, flexible working hours to accommodate family needs, and other stringent ethical working conditions across the board.*  

From one set of experts, they then travel into the hands of others: the gemologists at the UK’s Anchorcert laboratory for their 4C diamond grading and certification. They put each stone under the microscope for assessment on Clarity, Colour and Cut, and every stone of 0.5 carat and above is etched with our logo and its own unique code that has followed them from birth at SkyLab, guaranteeing fully traceable, authentic, certified diamonds.  

The same quality and ethical value system continues in the setting phase.  Near to our UK headquarters, local independent artisans tease our stones into our timeless collections and wedding jewellery, using recycled precious metals.  

And then their journey continues with you, the wearer.  By opting for a piece of Skydiamond jewellery you are enveloped in 360 degree, solid goodness. It’s either your precious secret: that knowledge that you are sporting something beautiful both inside and out, or your story to share with whomever admires the sparkle coming not just from your jewellery, but also your own radiance. 

*We recognise that travelling to India does incur emissions, however due to the micro volume and weight of the stones, the footprint is minimal, and we are working to further off-set those emissions through our parent company The Green Britain Group, being one of the world’s leading green energy suppliers. The good news is that the stones, up to rough block stage, are in fact carbon negative, meaning they take out more carbon from the air than is incurred in their creation.  While in an ideal world the end to end process would be UK centric, we are working on upskilling utmost quality cutters and polishers closer to home. And we feel strongly about not letting long term perfection be the enemy of near term good. 

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