About our Certification

We live in an age of transparency.  Data and technology mean we rightly expect more information, where every pound spent is a vote for a better or worse world.

This is why we are proud to partner with UK-based AnchorCert Gemmological Laboratory, one of the world’s leading gemmology laboratories. Using state-of-the-art technology, they are a rigorous, neutral third party. Their skilled experts review our loose stones under the microscope before they are set, and assign each one a unique code with its own report.

AnchorCert stands fair and square on the side of the consumer, ensuring that the maximum quality and traceability standards can be met and independently guaranteed, giving end-to-end complete assurance of the authenticity of the product. Operating beyond the merely commercial sphere, AnchorCert’s experts also sit on advisory panels contributing to the review and evolution of the jewellery industry's standards.

They were established 22 years ago within the Birmingham Assay Office, itself  founded 250 years ago through an Act of Parliament.  As one of the world’s largest Assay Offices, it has been long protecting consumers of precious metals by hallmarking items of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to guarantee the purity of the precious metal content.

By including stones such as ours, they continue that unquestionable guarantee of the very highest standards for the future.  And, like us, by being British-based they are aligned with our quest for the utmost guaranteed quality combined with trusted closest-to-home traceability. As that is what all customers rightly deserve.

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Skydiamond sets a new standard in diamond creation

We create negative emission diamonds, enabled by nature, and harness our expert jewellers to create pieces that span a lifetime.

  • Mined entirely from the sky

  • Made in the Cotswolds, England

  • World's only carbon negative diamond

Our Impact matters

Diamonds for People & Planet

Skydiamond was born to contribute to a planet positive future, creating ‘another way’ without compromise on quality or beauty.

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Our Creation Process

Everything we need to create our diamonds comes from the sky, including something the world has too much of - CO₂.

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A word from our founder

Another Way

Renowned disruptor and first mover, green entrepreneur Dale Vince’s vision was born over three decades ago, while living off-grid in his very own modified van.

Read more on his Skydiamonds mission, and his Green Philosophy.

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Born from the sky to protect the Earth

Our planet-positive, certified, and chemically identical to the timeless diamonds we all know and love. Take a look through our collections to see how we've captured the sky.