Sky Born Voices with Jess Rogers

Sky Born Voices with Jess Rogers


"Raising voices of planet-positive changemakers who are working towards a more brilliant tomorrow."

Introducing Jess Rogers

Jess Rogers is a TV presenter, commentator and content creator across sustainability, sport and adventure. She is also co-founder of environmental start-up Carbon Jacked who believe that saving the planet shouldn't be boring - she and her team are adding spice to sustainability.

What was the moment you knew you had to dedicate your time to your cause?

I've always been the outdoorsy type - I grew up on a farm and was a big fan of adventure and the natural world. Straight out of Uni, I moved up to Scotland to organise extreme outdoor sport events and got hooked on getting people outdoors and living more sustainably... But it was in lockdown that myself and my two co-founders Jack and Jacques decided to turn the gut feeling we all had into a business - Carbon Jacked - we wanted to do something different, create a brand and business that actually made people take action on climate - that made sustainability sexy.

How do you keep motivated when it feels one step forward and two steps back?

Honestly, sometimes it's hard and it can feel overwhelming. But, I have hope. Everyday, I wake up with purpose and think that I'm bloody lucky to spend my time doing something that will hopefully help other people live more sustainably and also help the planet in some small way. I'm also inspired by so many people doing incredible things in this space - whether that be in new tech & innovation, biodynamic farming or making diamonds from the sky (!) - all these stories motivate me to keep going. And if all else fails, you only need to get out into nature to keep the spark alight.

What does a diamond represent to you?

Well, diamonds are not my bag - but Skydiamonds are - a Skydiamond represents how we can fix things if we’re creative and passionate enough. It shows that we don’t have to give things up; you can create beautiful things without harming the world we rely on.

What would you say to Mother Nature if you could shout it up to the Sky?

Thank you - and please hold on for a bit longer. I'm trying to get other people to call you mum too, it's just taking a little longer than planned.

Who or What are you currently most encouraged by that will help us deliver a more brilliant tomorrow for people or planet?

We have never been more disconnected from the natural world - and I know, with absolute certainty - that getting people to reconnect with the epic world around us will not only make them happier in their everyday lives, but it will also make them want to protect this planet. That's why, my current passion project at Carbon Jacked is getting people clued up on climate and out into nature - whether that be gardening, wild swimming or bee keeping - everyone can find an outdoor passion and I'm gunning to help them do

P.s. If you're looking for a keynote speaker or an event host - Jess brings the spice to sustainability and Carbon Jacked run epic 12-month sustainability employee engagement programmes so drop them an email if you want educate and engage your people in a way that actually works.

Instagram: @jess_rogersmq, @carbon_jacked

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