A Greener Future – The International AGF Awards

A Greener Future – The International AGF Awards

Alongside our sister company Ecotricity, Skydiamond were delighted to support 'The International AGF Awards' which took place in London on 27th February 2024. The Awards were co-hosted by Louis VI and included talks and a live performance by Jarvis Cocker  

The awards are hosted by A Greener Future, a not-for-profit, who have spent nearly two decades leading the way in sustainability of the live sector including green festival and events. Their story reflects the evolution of sustainability in the events and entertainment sector and in society at large. It’s no longer a niche, it’s an all-encompassing direction of travel where all the pieces are starting to fit together for a greener future for us all.

As part of the event, Dale Vince, founder of Skydiamond and Ecotricity, brought his wealth of knowledge and passion for sustainability to the event as a moderator for two insightful panels.

In the first panel, “Low Emission Festivals & Events,” Dale, alongside other green technology experts, explored the advancements and options available to festivals and outdoor events in terms of sustainable energy solutions.

In the second panel, “Avengers Assemble: Using Profile for Change,” Dale led a discussion on the power of communication in driving transformational change. Exploring how to harness passions and effectively communicate messages of sustainability, connecting with diverse audiences and driving collective action in the face of the climate crisis.

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Photo credit: Shotaway

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