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Dale Vince creates diamonds from the sky

With all of the bling and none of the sting

Stroud, Gloucestershire 30th October 2020

Environmentalist Dale Vince today launched a major green technology first, out of the UK, by announcing the arrival of Skydiamond the world’s first and only diamonds, made entirely from the sky.

Vince, best known as the founder of green energy provider Ecotricity, and his team in Stroud, Gloucestershire have created the ultimate way to take carbon out of the sky and turn it into something enduring and beautiful - a fully certified diamond – recognised by the International Gemological Institute – just like those mined from the ground.

It has taken the team over five years to perfect the process, fine details of which remain highly confidential, to turn atmospheric carbon into actual diamonds at their UK sky mining facility. The carbon used to make the diamonds is taken from the atmosphere, wind and sun provide all the energy, and the water used is captured rain.

Skydiamond is not just the world’s very first zero impact diamond- it’s also carbon negative, making the air cleaner.  Its creation is a way to challenge the traditional diamond mining industry which causes irreversible damage to the.

A recent White Paper on the impact of traditional mining drafted by researchers from Imperial College London, working independently via Imperial Consultants, detailed irreversible damage to endangered environments across the planet including deforestation, terrestrial acidification, air emissions, the re-routing of rivers and the dredging of riverbeds, groundwater contamination, and massive carbon emissions.

Just to produce a one carat stone, a diamond mine will shift 1000 tonnes of rock and earth, That weighs the same as around 625 cars. That same one carat diamond will require an incredible 3890 litres of water – enough for you to make 14 thousand cups of tea. And it will generate 108.5kg of CO2 emissions – enough gas to fill two shipping containers.

Skydiamonds are physically and chemically identical to Earth-mined diamonds, and, because of the purity of the ingredients and the unique production process, are of the highest quality. Production will be strictly limited making these stones the rarest diamonds on the planet.

Dale Vince launched Ecotricity - the world’s first green energy company in 1995 – and from a single windmill, now powers more than 200,000 homes and businesses with 100% renewable energy from the wind and sun. The ethical entrepreneur is also chairman of Forest Green Rovers  – recognised by the United Nations and FIFA as the world’s greenest football club, which was the first to go vegan in 2015.

Inspiration for Skydiamond arose when Vince was researching a way to take carbon out of the atmosphere and lock it up in a way that prevents it causing the planet further harm.

Dale Vince says:

‘Making diamonds from nothing more than the sky, from the air we breathe - is a magical, evocative idea - it’s modern alchemy.  It’s industry fit for the 21st Century - going beyond low or even zero emissions - our new process puts back air that is cleaner than we take out - we have negative emissions.  This is a new benchmark.

We need to live more sustainably in all aspects of life.  Too often that looks difficult.

Skydiamonds demonstrate a vital truth - living a greener life is not about giving stuff up, it’s about doing things differently.  We don’t need to mine the earth to have diamonds, we can mine the sky - using technology to turn something we have too much of into something we like to have.

This is what the Green Industrial Revolution looks like.  A new way of doing things’

The diamonds will be available to preorder for exclusive collaborations from early next year. All the details will be available on the website


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