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Sky Rae Modern Pendant

Modern 0.2ct Diamond Pendant in 9ct Recycled White Gold

Modern 0.2ct Diamond Pendant in 9ct Recycled White Gold


The first measure of a diamond’s quality is its size, measured in carats. A carat weighs one fifth of a gram or 0.2g.


Less is more when it comes to a diamond’s colour. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no colour at all. Skydiamonds are graded using AnchorCert’s scale going from D (colourless) to Z (light). Diamond colour is nearly impossible to discern with the naked eye and near colourless stones (G-J) offer superb value.


The purer the diamond, the higher its clarity rating. Clarity is determined by the nature, number, size and position of inclusions within a stone as well as any blemishes on its surface. Skydiamonds come in a wide selection of clarity ratings, which is reflected in the price.

SIZE: 1/5ct (Approx. 3.8mm) ...

1/5ct (Approx. 3.8mm) Two Adjustable Chain Lengths: 16 inches (42cm) 18 inches (46cm)
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The RAE pendant is inspired by the sleek elegance of modern design; minimal yet striking, the bezel setting perfectly frames our Round Brilliant Skydiamond.
Sitting either high on your collarbone at its shortest length, or adjusted to sit lower as desired - our diamond modern solitaire necklace is a contemporary classic which can be worn every day. Designed to be buildable; layer and pair effortlessly with other RAE collection pieces.

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