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May 31, 2022

Selfridges X Skydiamond

Author: Becky Waldron

Selfridges unveils SUPERMARKET, a four-week retail experiment at The Corner Shop in its Oxford Street store, imagining an earth-conscious shop of the future. 

Customers will be able to explore a creative playground where printing on-demand, cutting-edge materials and sustainable innovation come together, bringing future-facing fashion, art and food to all. The Corner Shop will be transformed into an exhibition space where visitors can watch 3D printing in action and discover how innovative materials, such as products made from atmospheric carbon, are created. SUPERMARKET also introduces new ownership concepts and exclusive NFT digital artworks available to purchase in store.  

By experimenting with new ideas and models, SUPERMARKET will examine future shopping habits, with the aim of opening a conversation around consumption and physical ownership as Selfridges looks to reinvent retail through its sustainability strategy, Project Earth.  

SUPERMARKET will bring together a curation of innovation-leading brands and inspiring collaborations with both established names and start-ups paving the way. 


On a mission to eliminate as much CO2 from the Earth as possible through innovative conversion technology, Skydiamond repurpose atmospheric carbon into high-quality diamonds. 

Selfridges Acting Creative Director, Emma Kidd, says: “Through this year’s creative theme, SUPERFUTURES, we’re examining the future of retail, inviting customers to join us. With our Project Earth commitments at its heart, SUPERMARKET brings to life our imagined future shop, offering product on demand as well as items made from future facing materials such as pineapple leather. We’re excited for our customers to explore SUPERMARKET and hope to spark thoughts and conversation around consumption and physical ownership.”

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