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September 26, 2022

How to make your bridal fashion sustainable

Becky Waldron

Eco-friendly might conjure up images of wearing haggard, off-colour wedding dresses, and mediocre and less-than-luxury accessories.  

Eco-friendly has somewhat of a bad reputation where style is concerned. But, we’re here to diminish those myths, showing women and men that you don’t have to compromise the fashionable flourishes of your big day with environmental cost.

What is sustainable bridal beauty?  

Sustainable bridal beauty means making your aesthetic, and everything that goes with it, as harm-free to the environment as possible.  

It also means being conscious of where your items have come from, making sure that the process is harm-free to the people that make them, too.  

We understand that to be completely ‘sustainable’ takes a lot of effort. While preparing for the big day is exciting, this consideration can exacerbate an already stressful time. So, there’s no pressure to do everything – small acts help to make big change!  

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How to planet-proof your bridal wear  

In 2022, there’s a way that every bride can make her attire eco-friendly and still look absolutely gorgeous, head to toe. The entire wedding industry is even changing to make the tradition work for the planet, long-term.  

Before we go through each garment, here are some ways to make sure your look is sustainable. 


Second-hand is underrated. Usually at a lower price than brand new, second-hand items are better than you think. Theyare more unique as they can’t currently be found elsewhere, and have a bit more character than the stuff straight out of a factory.  

Second-hand is not synonymous with smelly and worn out. When it’s only worn once , how much damage can really be done? 


Recycled wedding attire, or in fact even recycled everyday wear, isn’t too prevalent at the moment. However, amazingly, there are a few options out there. Etsy UK for example have recycled wedding dresses, Rock My Wedding specialises in recycled wedding outfits and there’s even an entire Instagram account devoted to this cause. There’s enough choice out there for a progressive couple.  


This has long been on the list of the important things a bride needs, so why not up the ante with your something borrowed? A wedding day is expensive enough, so borrowing something can help to cut costs. It can also add to the sentimentality of the experience if the lender means a lot to you. And, of course, this reduces impact on the environment.  

Low air miles  

One way you can make sure your bridal clothes and accessories are environmentally friendly, and therefore sustainable, is to make sure air miles are as low as possible. This information is usually easy to find out with a quick internet search. Or, small, local suppliers are good options for wedding wear without the hefty carbon footprint.  

For your...  



The most important of all, your dress. Wedding dresses are arguably one of the worst kinds of attire for the planet because it’s a guarantee that they’ll never be worn again. Wedding dresses are often made up of luxurious materials that consume a lot of natural resources and energy to produce. Not just taking from the environment but – as with other new fashion garments – spewing back high carbon emissions and other environmental contaminants.  

Stillwhite, Reformation, The Natural Wedding Company and Rolling In Roses are some of the companies that are excellently leveraging sustainable bridal fashion.  



What jewellery pieces are you wanting for your wedding day? Whether a complementary pendant or your engagement ring, seeking more eco-friendly options helps to support a movement towards more sustainable ways of living. The metals used in jewellery – unless recycled – are typically very environmentally damaging and harmful towards the communities involved.  

There’s an increasing number of brands pioneering sustainable jewellery, not just because they have to, but because it’s what modern consumers want.  

Read our blog on sustainable jewellery to find out more about what it is and why it matters.  


Diamond mining is damaging. It hurts the surrounding environment pollutes the air, and has long been associated with human rights injustices. There are ways to have your cake and eat it though. Your jewel, a symbol of love, doesn’t have to be a product of harm.  

Another option is a company who can mine the sky instead of the ground. Skydiamond is the only brand doing this right now, using only 100% green energy and putting the air back cleaner than we found it. They’re not just guilt-free, but the rarest diamonds on Earth. They’re anatomically and chemically identical diamonds, so are as real as diamonds mined from the ground.  

Looking for an ethical engagement ring?  


Take a look at our collection, here 

Bridal accessories


Embellishing your bridal look will be a host of beautiful accessories. From hair accessories to your overcoat, there’s no reason why eco-conscious has to compromise your look. In fact, when brands abide by a handmade/sustainable ethos, they tend to be even more gorgeous, crafted with love and care (Hera Vintage are a great example of this).  

Looking for inspiration? The Wedding Edition is one of the best places for it right now. For honeymoon ideas, lusting over wedding cakes, venue advice and more, you can be in your bridal element.  

Out with the new, in with the old 

To keep up our lifestyle habits, a widespread mindset shift is needed. We might feel like our small actions make no difference, but if we each collectively do our bit, then we can work towards a more sustainable and hospitable planet.  

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so we understand that every detail matters – especially your aesthetic! Being an environmentally conscious bride won’t cost you extra time or money, and will still leave you looking absolutely radiant. Say ‘I do’ to being a sustainable and eco-conscious bride...  

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