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January 09, 2023

Gucci Vault X Bleue Burnham X Skydiamond

Vault Gucci x Bleue Burnham x Skydiamond

Skydiamond collaborated with the London-based jewellery designer Bleue Burnham releasing a capsule collection exclusive to Gucci Vault, Gucci’s experimental space where the past and the present co-exist through imagination. 

Bleue Burnham Ring

The inspiration for the collection is clouds; a harmonious equilibrium between imagination, mother nature and the source of Skydiamonds. The result is wearable clouds that sparkle with the warm smile of the universe. This ranges from silver rings and pendants with 5 individualSkydiamonds set within the pieces, to gold rings and pendants ranging from 51 - 104 Skydiamonds, and a gold bracelet with just under 500 sparkly Skydiamonds.  

Bleue Burnham necklace

The limited-edition collection of exclusively designed fine jewellery artworks saw Bleue Burnham’s philosophy of amplifying the beauty of a connection to the natural world combined with Skydiamond, mined from the sky to protect the earth.  

It was a match made in heaven and were the first diamonds sold in the Vault that are mined from the sky and not the ground. 

The collection also featured exclusive Bleue Burnham packaging and hand-signed and numbered authenticity documents. 

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