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December 15, 2022

Diamonds made from the Sky: A jewel for the conscious generation

Becky Waldron

There are many problems plaguing the planet, the most pressing being the climate crisis and biodiversity’s sixth mass extinction.  

What’s happening to the planet is everyone’s business and, to work to solve it, all aspects of our lives need to be considered. Our buying choices – because of how much they can impact climate change – should be a primary focus.  

It’s not just the way we consume items and the speed at which we consume, but also the way things are made that needs a rethink. Our current lifestyle habits and economic models need a transformation to sustain the planet and all life on it.  


Say hello to the world’s only sustainable diamond  

Understanding the challenges of today’s world, Skydiamond was founded. A brand born out of a drive to solve environmental issues on a planetary scale, not to perpetuate them, Skydiamond is a diamond brand like no other.  

The first and only to directly make ‘Diamonds from the sky’, our diamonds are harvested from the skies using a combination of wind, rain, solar and CO₂. It’s carbon dioxide that we capture from the atmosphere to turn into something much more beautiful – a pure diamond.   

Living sustainably isn’t about giving up the good stuff, it’s about finding another way to do things. 

Dale Vince has dedicated his life to helping people make more sustainable choices. One of his endeavours was born out of a drive to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – a pressing concern for the planet.  

Exploring ideas, Dale considered an ultimate form of carbon; one of the most permanent ways to lock up CO₂. A diamond.  

It took five years of R&D to create and perfect the process to turn atmospheric carbon into actual diamonds. In creating this method we’ve set a new industrial blueprint, fit for the 21st century.  

Dale Vince is known for his revolutionary ideas, the most notable being Ecotricity. The green energy company founded in the mid-90's led the way for a new era for renewable energy in the UK. Dale is continuing to use business as a tool for environmental aims with Skydiamond; an ethical, carbon negative diamond brand, creating diamonds mined from the sky using only green energy. 

Skydiamond: Now that we can mine the sky, we don’t need to mine the ground.

Skydiamond was created because we believe living sustainably isn’t about giving up the good things. It’s about finding a different way to live, a better one.

So many of us love diamonds, but the history of the diamond industry has been anything but admirable.

We don’t want to get rid of diamonds, but how we create them needs to change. Skydiamond is erasing the need for harmful diamond mining practices – practices that harm the environment and the communities involved in their production.

More diamond brands are changing their processes, to cause minimal harm to people and planet, with many claiming to do something significant or different. But, how many actually are practicing what they preach, and what is it that makes Skydiamond genuinely unique?

Carbon negative diamonds

Our diamonds are carbon negative by design – using no offsets, only a carbon negative process. Skydiamond are the world’s first carbon negative diamond. We are pushing boundaries and redefining the industry and the way that we enjoy these age-old jewels.

The only diamonds made entirely and directly from the sky

Our diamonds are the only gems made entirely from the sky. The four core ingredients of each diamond are wind, rain, solar and CO₂. We use captured carbon dioxide directly from the skies in the Cotswolds to create a perfect diamond, putting the air back cleaner than we found it.

21st century alchemy

The Skydiamond process is 21st century alchemy. We turn something harmful that we have too much of, carbon dioxide, into something beautiful that we quite like to have, diamonds.

For the 21st century consumer

Business as usual will no longer suffice. It’s time for a radical change in society and we are proud to be a part of the Green Industrial revolution.

We’re giving people the choice to buy better and be better. We’re not getting stuck in old ways. Skydiamond are offering sustainable diamonds in the generation of sustainability.

It’s about more than just diamonds

Yes, we are centred around selling ethical, sustainable and one-of-a-kind diamonds, but our ethos goes beyond just diamonds. We’re interested in innovating new ways of living. Skydiamond are using processes that constantly keep the planet in mind – like using only deep green energy and capturing rainwater for our water supplies.

We’re never going to prioritise our profits over the planet, no matter how big we get. In fact, the more we grow, the more we’ll continue to innovate and use our power for positive impact.  

We believe in another way

Most importantly, we are transparent and honest. We don’t make false claims; everything we say about our diamonds, our jewellery and our processes is true. We are adapting to a changing climate, using innovation and carbon capture technology to help recover the planet while still giving people the things they love. We are meeting the demands of the conscious shopper and avoiding greenwashing in any shape or form.

We are Skydiamond.

Shop our range of 21st century diamonds, or browse through our TIMELESS jewellery collection – a jewellery range made with only recycled precious metals.

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