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December 22, 2022

Choosing recycled gold for an engagement ring

Becky Waldron

Buying an engagement ring is extremely exciting but, there’s a lot of pressure. Will the ring be the right size? Is the diamond the right cut? Will you love it forever?   

There’s a lot to consider before you choose an engagement ring. For some, it might not just be about the aesthetic of the ring, but what lies behind it.   

If you’re striving to make more environmentally and socially conscious buying choices, then this brings a whole new level to your engagement ring buying choices.

Things to consider to ensure a responsible engagement ring   

‘Responsible jewellery’ can be a bit of a jarring term. For those new to the phrase, responsible jewellery refers to a piece of jewellery that has been created in an ethical or ‘responsible’ way. That responsibility lies with the retailer, making sure that their jewellery has been sourced and manufactured using processes and resources that are minimally harmful.    

When making sure that your perfect engagement ring is ethical, there are some core things to keep in mind:  

The stone   

Where has your diamond, or another choice of gem, been sourced from? Is it ground-mined or lab-grown or even better, sky mined? Ground-mined diamonds are rarely ethical. This is because of the negative impact they have on the environment and the harmful social concerns around the diamond mining industry.  

Lab-grown diamonds or cultured diamonds are a more modern way of giving people the jewel they love. Created in a lab, these diamonds are no less ‘real’ than ground-mined diamonds but don’t come with corrupt connotations. 

Sky mined diamonds take it up another notch. It’s a newer concept than lab-grown diamonds, one that is more beneficial towards the environment. Sky mined diamonds are created from atmospheric CO2. It mines the sky taking a compound we need less of and transforming it into a jewel that we can’t get enough of – a diamond. 

Want to know more about lab-grown diamonds? Read our blog here.

Production practices
If you really want to be thorough with your conscious buying habits, then it could be worth getting more information about the kind of practices your engagement ring retailer is involved in.  

If you can find information about the kind of energy they use, the processes their jewellery goes through or how they source their materials, this can help inform your decision-making process. Some companies are more transparent and open than others, if this is the case, then it’s a green flag. 

The metal
Ethical metal doesn’t yet get the airtime it deserves. According to the British Geological Survey, in 2019 over 3 billion tonnes of metals and metal ores were mined globally. We use a lot of metal, but it’s difficult to see how much metal is actually recycled.  

Recycled metal reduces energy use, protects natural resources, reduces landfill waste, contributes to job creation, and can support a circular economy.  

If you want an eco-friendly engagement ring, then choosing a retailer that uses recycled and/or fairtrade metals - that is a product of responsible sourcing - is an important factor.   

A closer look at the metal: Choosing recycled gold   

White gold or yellow gold is the most common choice for engagement rings, according to Brides, and we don’t blame them. This precious metal has been admired and desired for centuries and, while expensive, an engagement is a good excuse to get the chance to wear this beautiful metal – if it’s not already a part of your jewellery wardrobe.   

However, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but gold mining is harmful in many ways. The process of gold mining is damaging to the immediate environment. Destroying habitats and tearing apart the ground, gold mining is also toxic, responsible for polluting water supplies and causing cyanide leaching.  

Gold mining is also responsible for causing harm within the communities where it takes place, provoking military action, and displacing natives.    

It’s quite a dire landscape, but luckily there are kinder and more sustainable options that still allow you to have a real gold engagement ring.   

All that glitters is gold   

Recycled gold is a much more planet-friendly option than ground-mined gold and doesn’t compromise on its authenticity. Recycled gold uses gold from goods already in circulation, such as second-hand jewellery or electronic wastes – 9% of the world’s gold is sitting in old computers and tech! This gold is then melted down to be reformed into something else, ready to be used again. 

At Skydiamond, we use only recycled gold and platinum to keep in line with our ethos. We don’t think we should have to give up the luxuries we love, we just have to change how we go about them. 

Our TIMELESS collection consists of forever jewellery pieces, that are perfect for everyday wear and for gifting someone special. We have a collection of engagement rings, including a variety of (ethical) diamond cuts from Princess cut to Asscher cut to Round brilliant.  

Not only do we have a range of recycled jewellery, but our diamonds are also incredibly unique, the rarest out there. And, we only use deep green energy throughout all our processes, keeping our planet as clean as we can.   

Go and take a look at your ethical engagement ring, made with love.

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