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May 31, 2022

Lily Cole X Skydiamond

Author: Becky Waldron

It’s time to kiss goodbye to mining the earth for diamonds (and say hello to mining the sky instead).

The launch of the world’s first truly sustainable diamond, Skydiamond, marks a new era for the jewellery industry, with diamonds mined from the sky, not the earth.  

London, 7th April 2022 – This Earth Day, Skydiamond celebrates its historic launch, which sees the world’s only truly sustainable diamonds available for customers to buy for the first time in Selfridges [LIMITED TIME ONLY] and online at Rather than mining the earth for gems, Skydiamond mines the sky. Its launch marks an exciting new era for the jewellery industry, free from the environmental exploitation and conflict that currently plagues it. 

Unlike earth-mined diamonds, Skydiamonds are completely ethical and carbon-neutral by design. It has taken the Skydiamond team over five years to perfect their revolutionary process, which mines the sky for atmospheric carbon and turns it into real diamonds at their UK sky mining facility, using renewable energy.   

They were created by environmentalist Dale Vince OBE, the founder of green energy provider Ecotricity, as a way to remove carbon from the sky – reducing some of the damage caused by humanity’s CO2 emissions. Skydiamonds also save the vast amounts of carbon used to mine diamonds from the ground.   

As passionate advocates for environmentalism within the industry, fashion icon Lily Cole and legendary photography Rankin have come together to celebrate this incredible technological and environmental achievement with a series of images that spotlight the stone.   

Meanwhile, Stephen Webster, world-famous jeweller to stars and royals alike, will be the first jewellery brand to launch a Skydiamond collection later in 2022.  

Skydiamonds are physically and chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds, and, because of the purity of the ingredients and the unique production process, are of the highest quality. Production will be strictly limited making these stones the rarest diamonds on the planet.   

Skydiamond now promise to revolutionise the jewellery industry, paving the way for the future of the diamond mining, one that not only rejects human and environmental exploitation, but helps to heal some of the damage already done by putting cleaner air back into the atmosphere.  

Model, author and sustainability activist Lily Cole says:  

Diamonds are synonymous with beauty. But for many years the mining of jewels has been a very ugly business. Skydiamond blew my mind when I first learned about them: we can mine the sky, turning an existential problem into this coveted thing of beauty. They represent the perfect metaphor of how we ought to be evolving every industry in the face of the climate crisis: carbon negative by design; a solution rather than a problem.  

I am delighted to be supporting Sky diamond’s mission. Now that we can mine the Sky, we no longer need to mine the earth. 

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