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January 24, 2023

6 Ethical jewellery myths debunked

Becky Waldron

Ethical jewellery is still a relatively new concept in the luxury jewellery world. For some, it conjures up ideas of a better future, more environmentally friendly ways of living, and carefully handcrafted jewellery pieces.

For others, their perception of ethical jewellery, is still tainted; thinking that these jewellery pieces are often clunky, haphazard, or expensive and uncool.

We’re working on debunking some of these myths about ethical jewellery helping to share the truth about what it means, and why it’s the right choice for brands and individuals across the world.

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First, what is ethical jewellery?

In reality, ethical jewellery simply refers to jewellery that has been made consciously, keeping in mind people and the planet, from production to person. It can also come under the umbrella term of ‘sustainable jewellery’.

Jewellery that has been consciously made should include factors like making sure everyone in the supply chain is paid and treated fairly. Or it could be environmental; using sustainable, recycled materials, making sure the pieces can be reused or recycled again, and/or using manufacturing processes that are minimally polluting or wasteful.

Myths debunked

1. Ethical jewellery is unfashionable and unattractive

Because of the connotations around ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable products still having a very earthy and hippy-like image, people often believe ethical jewellery can’t be luxurious.

Skydiamond, are creating ethical jewellery from precious recycled golds and platinum – dismantling this myth first-hand.

We are doing this so that people can still wear the timeless, classic and modern jewellery pieces they admire, but without contributing to the harm that metal mining causes.

2. Diamonds that aren’t mined from the ground aren’t real diamonds

More brands are turning to lab grown diamonds, as opposed to mined diamonds, to ensure that their jewellery is ethical. And these brands aren’t making the change without good cause. Over the past two years, lab grown diamonds have seen a 10% increase in popularity, with a 63% increase in engagement rings featuring lab grown diamonds.

Despite this movement, there’s still a widespread belief, or myth, that lab grown diamonds aren’t real diamonds. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lab grown diamonds are structurally, anatomically and chemically identical to diamonds found naturally in the earth, making them just as ‘real’ as other kinds of diamonds. The same applies to Skydiamond’s sky mined diamonds; a collection of pure, real and conflict free diamonds.

Find out more about lab grown diamonds in our blog here.

3. Ethical jewellery is limited in style

Because of how novel ethical and sustainable jewellery still is, many perceive this kind of jewellery will be limited in its style and design.

Although supply is lower, the variety of ethical jewellery is blossoming more every day.

Ethical jewellery also tends to be ‘slower’ than mass produced jewellery, that is ‘fast’, made quickly to meet changing fashion trends. This can also contribute to the misconception that it’s not stylish, but we would argue the opposite.

Due to the long-lasting nature of these jewellery pieces, they are often designed to stand the test of time – timeless and endlessly elegant as other more superficial trends come and go. Plus, a more exclusive piece makes it even more desirable...

4. Ethical jewellery isn’t affordable

One of the more positive things about mass production is it can accommodate all budgets. Because ethical jewellery is seen as more rare, intricate and timely to produce, and (usually) made of higher quality materials, it can add to the perception that it’s more expensive.

Sustainable and ethical jewellery can be more expensive than fast fashion jewellery. However, that’s not to say that it’s not affordable to most jewellery lovers out there.

Ethically made jewellery might actually save you money in the long run, purchasing high quality jewellery pieces that last, instead of getting through lots of jewellery that degrades in quality over a shorter period of time.

5. Ethical jewellery is about being eco-friendly

There’s a lot of emphasis on the environment when talking about sustainable and ethical jewellery. This is definitely a big part of it – but it goes further. It’s not just the planet that ethical jewellery is created to care for, but the people on it.

Metal and diamond mining have long been known for the harm they cause to workers along these supply chains and local communities.

Brands that label their jewellery as ‘ethical’ have a responsibility to ensure that the people involved in the sourcing, production and manufacturing of their jewellery pieces are given fair working conditions; treated and paid justly.

6. Ethical jewellery can’t be produced on a large scale

The art of ethical jewellery is still being mastered. It makes sense that most jewellery pieces, to be a truly ethical product, can only be made on a small scale and by hand. Mass scale jewellery often uses big, polluting and energy hungry machinery, making it an unfavourable choice for sustainability.

That doesn’t mean ethical jewellery can never be produced on a large scale – it just needs to be done right.

What’s different about Skydiamond is that we use only deep green energy to power our processes. We also use harvested rainwater for our water requirements, helping to tackle issues like water shortages.

We keep our supply chain short and completely under our control. We work to make sure we have good relationships with everyone we introduce into the process as we scale. This way we make sure we can grow while remaining ethical and socially responsible – showing this can be done.

Making ethical jewellery the norm

We are striving to make ethical jewellery the norm, focusing on quality over quantity, and continuing to provide people with the things they love, without causing harm to the planet or the people on it.

We believe ethical jewellery is the way forwards, a lifestyle choice to be embraced by both brands and individuals. Always championing sustainable jewellery with honesty and transparency, we’re raising awareness about the benefits of this choice.

Want to shop our range of sustainable jewellery? Made from recycled precious metals and responsibly sourced diamonds (made from the sky) our range of rings, earrings and necklaces are as gorgeous as they are ethical.

Take a look at our collection.

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