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December 14, 2022

4 reasons to gift a sustainable diamond this Christmas

Becky Waldron
blog image

The lovely thing about Christmas is that a lot of it revolves around giving. But, like anything, there’s bad that comes with the good.

Trying to find the right gift for the people you love can be stressful, and the buy-buy-buy culture around giving at Christmas is massively damaging to the environment.

From excessive amounts of wrapping paper to tonnes of plastic-wrapped goods to those gifts that never even get used, there’s a lot of waste around Christmas.

We think a Christmas present should prioritise quality over quantity, and now more than ever, needs to have sustainability in mind.

While a diamond might not be the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on a sustainable present, it might just be an ideal option for the conscious shopper. Only as long as you choose a sustainable diamond...

So, why should you choose an eco-friendly, sustainable diamond for your loved one this year?

1) A diamond lasts forever

We’ve all received a box of ‘smellies’ that we just shoved in our drawers shortly after unwrapping. A lot of us are familiar with opening a present only to get that heart-dropping feeling, knowing you will absolutely never use it.

Disposable and meaningless gifts don’t serve many purposes at Christmas. A diamond, however, is a gift that will last forever.

A diamond is a valuable and sentimental gift that won’t clutter our oceans and will be adored by the recipient.

2) Embrace a new era of jewellery

Picture 2

Sustainable jewellery is THE future of jewellery.

We can’t keep investing in conflict and blood diamonds, funding human rights violations that have been seen in the diamond industry for decades. We can’t continue to perpetuate the environmentally harmful processes that surround traditional diamond mining.

We don’t have to stop buying gorgeous and luxurious jewellery altogether, but we have to embrace the innovations that are making it better for the planet and the people on it.

3) Giving joy!

Picture 4

Imagine opening a present on Christmas Day to see a radiant diamond looking back at you that is made from the sky.

Not many people get the luxury of owning their own diamond - or maybe you do if you’re lucky. Either way, if someone owns no diamonds, or 100 diamonds, this jewel never fails to impress.

Being gifted a diamond is an unforgettable moment, one the recipient won’t forget. It can be a bold way to tell someone how you feel or to put a smile on your lover’s face this Christmas. Maybe even up the ante and put your diamond into an engagement ring…

4) Our buying power is an important way to show that we care about the planet.

Picture 10

We hold a lot of power in our buying choices. Now is the time to start making your purchases mindful and know how much they matter.

Buying a conflict-free diamond that has been ethically sourced and produced using sustainable practices is a good way to do this. It can also help to reduce your carbon footprint, too.

Not too long ago, the option of a sustainable diamond just didn’t exist. But now, we’re lucky that there’s more choice out there to help us make more environmentally-friendly decisions.

By choosing a diamond that is both environmentally and socially sustainable, you are helping to fund something bigger – an investment in our world. And, there’s no better gesture than this for the person you love.

A sustainable diamond sourced from the sky

Picture 11

A skydiamond delivers on all the above, and even more.

The only diamond genuinely sourced from the sky, created with wind, rain, sun and CO₂, a skydiamond is the rarest diamond you’ll find.

Not only rare and beautiful, our diamonds are also completely sustainable. Skydiamond use only certified green energy to power our production processes and our gems are the world’s only carbon-negative diamond. And, our jewellery collection is made entirely of recycled precious metal, too. As a sustainable brand, we practice what we preach.

What a gift to give this Christmas.

We have real diamonds of all shapes, sizes and prices, offering affordable options - or something more extravagant. Take a look at our sustainable diamonds here.

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